POLEPs by BlueStudios – Revolution in education in making

NFTs have already taken the world of art by storm. Big businesses in almost every industry are devoting a huge amount of resources to create and sell NFTs. So, will this also revolutionize education? Let’s discuss it today in this article.

While NFTs is already creating a buzz around the world by the perks, utilities and so many other benefits attached to it, there is one NFT project which is completely pioneering the way how families invest, plan, learn and earn together through no-code, Web3 technology that’s accessible to everyone. And that’s BlueStudios.

Creators of BlueStudios believe in the power of families and redefining what families can do together. They are working towards simplifying and empowering financial decisions. They are a step ahead in revolutionizing the way people spend their time and value things through different utilities of NFTs. According to them, there is no better way to create value than by coming together as one unit, which is why our values are built around bringing people closer together.

The utilities provided by BlueStudios :

And to do so, they have introduce below utilities:

  • Family Streaming : A family streaming platform with the access to super fun family content. It also helps in engage in ongoing community contests and challenges to earn cool crypto rewards.
  • VIP Lifetime Membership : Anybody who purchase a Blue Studios NFT, includes family streaming membership, plus drops, VIP perks, and chances to earn more through community contests and challenges.
  • Family Wealth Management : One can invest as a family in tokens and NFTs—as well as startups (via a legal entity)—without communication barriers and get rewarded for participating. And with this you can easily manage and track on-chain and off-chain investments via a dashboard.

One of the key utility BlueStudios has introduced is their educational platform with keeping the evolving future of education with the introduction to NFT or non-fungible token, and metaverse in mind.

Non-fungible token, or NFT is a distinctive, digitized, and encrypted token fabricated and stored using blockchain technology. The rarity and originality of the digital assets determine how valuable NFTs are.

Some key characteristics of NFT are:

  • Every NFT is different
  • NFTs are not replaceable with other tokens
  • An NFT is more valuable if it is scarce

The existence of NFT is a game changer to the artistic integrity of artists who are mainly based online. This places their artwork at risk of mass distribution without the artist’s permission. Now, their authentic digital assets can be free of copyright infringement because they can price, distribute, and allow customers to buy and own the digital asset.

education nfts

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Artists, filmmakers, photographers, game developers, and fashion designers sell their work on the NFT marketplace. They potentially earn up to millions of dollars in crypto-currency selling digital collectibles of their own works.

Now, NFT is branching out to education, where students, educators, and institutions can use NFTs for the betterment of the industry.

As per my knowledge BlueStudios is one of the earliest adopters of this trend in educational sector. They have already developed a pilot tool named “Proof of Learning Experiences Protocol (POLEP)”. POLEP unlocks a brand new experiences in the education world. The Bella Proof of Learning Experiences Protocol (POLEP) by Blue Studios is the world’s first minting celebration of learning experiences IRL and online.

What is a POLEP?

POLEP is a new way of documenting learning experiences. Each time you participate in an official POLEP experience, collectors get an NFT and crypto record. Their goal is to make the Bella POLEP open-sourced and community-owned, starting with their Blue Studios community.

Why use POLEP?

POLEP allows educators, learning communities IRL and online, and organizations to provide extraordinary experiences in rewarding community with a POLEP activation. As the project grows, they want participants to unlock a new world of new experiences to continue their learning journey, unlock on-chain credentials, and connect with a new community of learners. Web3 now affords them an opportunity to connect educational experiences in a completely new way. And they want it to be a collaborative, community experience.

How does it work?

For the Blue Studios community, you can mint your project from their Learn2Earn challenge as an NFT. Watch a Blue Studios streaming class, create your project inspiration, and go to polep.bluestudios.io to mint your NFT. They use Polygon to keep the gas fees low. In the near future, event organizers, educators, and community organizations will be able to provide digital POLEP badges for their participants.

Why is this important?

“The whole process is used to validate blocks of transactions in a blockchain. The resulting blockchain is a distributed and verifiable database of transactions plus an open repository of machine learning models and experiments used to verify them. POLEP establishes a symbiotic relationship between two complex and unrelated tasks: 1) validate transactions in a distributed ledger, and 2) store machine learning models in a distributed database.” – Kilroy Dillon

Vision & Values of BlueStudios with POLEPs

The mission of the Bella Proof of Learning Experience Protocol (POLEP) is to reimagine what families can accomplish together. The goal with everything they do is to find creative ways for families to learn, earn, participate, and grow with the philosophy that small, daily opportunities for positive experiences can do their small part in making the world a better place.

Mint your next learning experience

Each POLEP documents the on-chain memory of learning experiences from a community of learners. By minting these experiences on the blockchain, we can build learning experiences that unlock tokenized experiences connected to the protocol.

Check out their Whitepaper on how it works.

How can I contact BlueStudios and get involved?

Their goal with the Bella POLEP is to be open-sourced and community-owned. If you’re interested in contributing, integrating, or participating with them, please jump into their Discord and follow them on social. Buy a Bella, and jump right in with they!

Before proceeding further, let’s me share a Twitter thread which will help you to understand it in a summarized way : How POLEPs work?

I would like to share a few ideas through which POLEPs can be used as enhanced utility tool to facilitate the education system.

Evidence Of Lifelong Learning

With NFT, a student’s learning moments can now be captured, stored, and used as ‘experiential’ evidence. This will prove that a person has indeed experienced the hands-on aspects of a course and not just have high academic grades.

This can include the first time a salesman closed a deal, the first surgery of a surgeon, a pilot’s initial flight, and more. These learning moments can be crucial to companies that want to make sure the people they’re hiring are as skilled and experienced as they claim to be.

So basically the idea is to create and mint the milestones of a student in form of let’s say Marks cards or Certificates which work flawlessly as NFTs. Documents can be easily stored and any modifications done can be easily traced, thanks to the way blockchain works. Students’ data, along with marks cards and degree certificates, can be readily transferred from one school/college/university to another and viewed anytime by anybody. There will be no more data loss, tampering or waiting.

Micro-credentials For Transparency

Certificates are issued as an indicator of a student’s skills in a particular area. However, it is getting increasingly complex to verify one’s skills with the creation of false credentials.

Higher education institutions can issue certificates as POLEPs . This simplifies the process of validation as all diplomas, degrees, and PhDs can be issued by universities and stored by students in a digital space to be used as an educational profile.

Smooth Transition To Showcase Transcripts & Records

Up until today, the most certain way to validate one’s educational history and qualifications is by contacting the institution that gave out the credentials.

For instance, high school seniors in the United States must pay the fees to have their test scores sent to the college they are applying for. Some employees must contact their alma mater for their employers to verify their college transcripts.

This method will soon be obsolete, as POLEPs can make it a hassle-free transition. Everything in a students’ records – grades, achievement, transcripts – will be fully owned by them in the form of a credible educational profile token.

Content Creators Get The Credits & Royalty Fees They Deserve

Educators can create and sell educational content to universities through the form of NFT. This allows them to receive the royalty they deserve.

For example, a textbook author will only receive the profit from their first sale. NFT allows them to add in an option that includes royalties from secondary sales.

Mark Cuban, investor of NFT platforms and a judge on Shark Tank (American business TV show) felt that NFT’s best application is on textbooks.

“They allow digital textbooks to be easily resold but more importantly they allow publishers and authors to collect royalties for every resale. Forever,” Cuban said.

The metaverse has a lot of potential in the higher education industry as well. ‘Metaverse’ is a virtual world that users can shop, socialize, and participate in leisure activities using their avatars. As metaverse makes its way into education, students will have a cyber-physical campus experience.

Homework & Assessments

Hate homework? Fear assessments? Not if you could make money from it! Your next art class homework or the essay in English class about your favourite Marvel superhero can be a million-dollar NFT! It’s time to start acquiring some entrepreneurial skills, take up a course on marketing, public relations and cryptocurrency apart from just Science and Maths. You never know the POLEP you mint as a learning project or assignment can be so valuable the next year if it is a vital R&D which can be helpful in a project at bigger stage.


It is possible for universities to issue NFTs that offer benefits such as free online courses, exclusive event tickets, resource access or tutoring sessions. These NFTs (in the form of POLEPs) can be made as prerequisites to be placed in a pool for available scholarships. This opens up doors for universities to create a marketplace for their course offerings.

Course Content

Schools or individuals can sell or rent courses, lessons or video lectures as POLEPs. Unlike in the real world where non-digital content lacks secondary sales value, every transaction in the blockchain is tracked. Hence, POLEPs can be a potentially unlimited source of money as you can get a royalty from every reuse of your NFT.

Learning Experiences

They say you can’t buy time, but with POLEPs, you can! CNN sold ‘moments’ in history as NFTs last year (anyone buying 2020?) and your learning experiences (minted as POLEPs) count as moments that can be turned into NFTs. A large part of learning is experiential and these ‘experiences’ add value to your digital profile. It can be especially helpful if your profile is part of the blockchain and your assets — marks cards, certificates and university data — are linked.

Just like, I recently minted my first POLEP and I am feeling extremely proud to flex it here. Here is the sneak peek of the POLEP I minted.


And here is how my first POLEP look like on Opensea after I minted it.

Transaction Hash = View On Polygonscan

Some of the advantages of metaverse in education are:

  • Accelerates online delivery of courses
  • Allows international students and educators to meet virtually
  • Virtual classes and campus activities

In the next few decades, NFT and metaverse will be no stranger to the education industry. What’s left is how fast they will be integrated to universities worldwide.

It may sound strange right now but blockchain will definitely redefine education — either for the better or for the worse. Will POLEPs democratize education or widen the digital divide? Will your academic worth be measured by the POLEPs you own?

Time will tell. Unless Elon Musk buys it!


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