How to set your BUSINESS MINDSET

When you start any business, there is always a point where you need to think seriously on how to take your business further, how to grow for the point where you are currently standing, whether you should continue or switch to another business. At such times, always think about one thing, “Why you started?” In this post, I am going to talk about the proper business mindset you should always carry with you when you are managing a business.

What magic your positive mindset can create?

Remember, Its all about how badly you want to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. Only the POSITIVE MINDSET is going to help you to build your 6 or 7 figures income business and to achieve your dreams, NOT MATTER HOW BIG THEY ARE ! I can teach you all the marketing WOO-WOO, I can give you all the tools you need, but if your brain is not wired correctly for you to success with all this stuff, you are going to fail miserably.

It isn’t about the BUSINESS MODEL

This is what I’ve realized:

It isn’t about the BUSINESS MODEL, it’s about the BUSINESS MINDSET.

It’s okay to be scared. Even I was when I started. Everyone who is reading this post gets the exact same instructions, but some people outperform the most ! Let’s take an example of  a class. Every student is taught by same teacher, they are trained for a same course, all of them have the same books. Everything is same. But one of the guys top the test, other are followed by 2nd, 3rd etc…etc…and some of them even FAILS. There is 3 kinds of people:

  • People who listens to 100% content and make use of 1%
  • People who listens to 100% content and make user of 100%
  • People who listens to less than 100% content and understand the rest by themselves, accordingly implement the rest and succeed 100%

I really want you all to outperform everybody else.

Why does everyone do not succeed equally?

The Answer is: MINDSET

Let’s say my job is to help you climb Mt. Everest.

  • I’ve got the map, the tools and everything else that you need to get to the peak.
  • But everybody who thinks that all they’ll need to climb Mt. Everest is a great guide, they’ll be fooling themselves.
  • That ride is going to be DAMN HARD.
  • It’s just not about finding the way up. It’s about digging deep within yourself and finding the inner strength that you need to get there. Its about knowing yourself. Its about being very clear about your goals. Its about what you tell yourselves. Its about having more clarity about where you want to take your eCommerce/Online Selling business.
  • I can give you the perfect game plan and everything to make you have massive success with us. But, what I need from you is to cultivate this badass mindset.

If you have already that mindset, that’s GREAT.

  • If you already have that badass mindset,
  • If you are really motivated,
  • If you are really inspired,
  • If you are ready to put in the hard work,
  • If you are ready to hustle,
  • If you are ready to find new things,
  • If you are ready to follow the instructions,
  • If you are really really really serious in making your eCommerce Business works

That’s Great.

Focus on changing: YOU

I am going to systematize it for you so that if you ever slip or get off-track which I am sure you would, you can refer back to this session. You may get demotivated, you may get impatient – But there is no need to worry, just come back to me. I’ll help you out to get a step by step plan for rebuilding that energy and confidence. What I’m going to do here is, I’ll give you a step by step process of daily things you can do to build that mindset into who you are, to make it a part of you. So that you wake up everyday with enthusiasm and full of drive! So that when obstacles come your way you smash right through them! In order to get there, there are a few shifts that you need to make. Those are purely MENTAL SHIFTS and it’s very important to make those shifts before we get to the other stuff.

The most important concepts to follow to change your mindset

Concept # 1 THE MIRROR

You business is like a mirror of who you are. It reflects you. All your fears and beliefs will show up in your business. If you fear of something, if you don’t care about your people, it will surely reflect into the process of handling your customers. We always believe that the problems are in our business. We focus on the things outside. We never see inside ourselves. Its like standing in front of mirror and if you don’t like the reflection, you take out a magic pen and start drawing on the mirror. If you need to fix it, change the reflected: That is YOU “YOURSELF”. 90% of the time, the problem will be in the business owner.

You are your BUSINESS. So focus on changing: YOU

Be prepared to dig deep and become a new person. I need you to get your guts on the table and when there is a problem in your business, check your mindset. It’s lot easier to fix yourself than your business.

Concept # 2 THE TRAITS

There are 2 very important traits that an entrepreneur needs to have:

  1. Guts

    You need to have guts to be outside your comfort zone. You need to be outside your comfort zone in order to achieve your income goals. You should be willing to stretch yourself, willing to take risks, and have it in you to put yourself out.

  2. Tenacity

    You should have a willingness to keep trying new approaches to get where you want. The chances are guys, you’re going to face obstacles when you get to work. Mentally prepare for them now. You should be determined, persistent and have a strong grip over yourself. If you have guts and tenacity, you can be a millionaire. Period !

It’s all about how BADLY you want it.

I know you have the guts because you have invested in yourselves by attending this workshop. If you are going to fail, FEEL BIGGER & LUCKIER because you are going to be hit by challenges! Hit them back, HARDER !

It’s all about how BADLY you want it.


When it comes to set your business, its not always needed to do a lot in one go, even if you do a little but do it consistently and to do that you need to have a strong MINDSET. Stick with your goals. Keep working around it. Success is an inch away then. Hey you ! The Entrepreneur, Good Luck 🙂 See you in the market.

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