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"Ecomm Bull's Eye Method"

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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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Android Mobile Application Developer | eCommerce Practitioner | Digital Marketer | Speaker | Founder of "Ecomm Bull's Eye Method"

The road I've covered so far

I started my career as Android Mobile Application Developer in 2012. In 2015, there was a sharp turn into my career when I started my eCommerce business as a side hustle out of curiosity to learn how this industry functions. And then it became my habit to manage my job along with my business. And gradually my interest started increasing in my eCommerce Business after knowing the fact that we can leverage the knowledge of IT into this business. And everything changed completely. I became a regular practitioner of it and today I am at a place where I am closely attached with both the industry parallelly

WHat I am expert at

With the vast experience of 8+ years, I have specialized the art of Mobile Application Development with a keen interest. And further to add into my skillset, I eventually have practiced for selling products online. I have crossed more than 1.7M (INR) in revenue till date (just by doing it as a side business) and have worked with more than 15 marketplaces to sell the products in India as well as in Global Market as well. Currently I am also practicing Digital Marketing and exploring every aspect of it on daily basis to apply the magic of it to take my business to the highest level as much as I can.  

My vision

I want to build a community with an EcoSystem where people can learn how to grow their business of selling Digital Products by applying the most effective strategies into unhealthy competition. My students have already made accumulated revenue of more than 3 million (INR) and within next 5 years, I want to train more 1000+ professionals to setup their eCommerce stores within shortest possible time with my “Ecomm Bull’s Eye Method”.

I am already earning enough with my income sources so it is my vision to create a healthy corner in the planet where there is only essence of learning by sharing knowledge of everyone with each other in the community.

What is "Ecomm Bull's Eye Method" ?

Finding the right niche

Identify what problems you can solve using your interests and passion. Validate the niche and go ahead.

Find the right marketplace

Remember, your product can be valued only in the right marketplace. So choose it wisely. I will help you in the whole process of finding the right marketplace for your product.

Create Digital Product to sell

You can sell your interest and in that process, there is nothing new you'll have to do. Just organize your scattered knowledge into a product and that becomes a powerful digital product which can change your life completely. Trust Me !

Build your authority

Why an unknown person should buy from you? Rather, make a community whom you can provide so much value and then present your product, I am sure they'll buy from you instantly.

Zero Expense Promotion Strategy

Paid Promotions are like fire globe. Whatever bucks you throw into it, it will just be vanished. So always prefer lowest cost option to promote your products. Don't worry, I have got plenty of methods to do so.

Scale your business

Once you see that its has been kickstarted, its now time to scale it to the highest possible level. I will be with you, holding your hand throughout the journey.

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